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  • Community interpreters.
  • Conference interpreters.
  • Diplomatic interpreters.
  • Educational interpreters.
  • Federal court interpreters.
  • Health or medical interpreters and translators.
  • Legal interpreters and translators.

Simultaneous Interpretation

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpretation is a method in which the interpreter translates for the non-English speaker in real-time. This method is best utilized in situations where the non-English-speaker is a passive observer in the proceeding, rather than an active participant.  

Consecutive Interpretation

With consecutive interpretation, each speaker will finish their sentence or statement before the interpreter provides a translation. This method is best utilized in cases where the non-English speaker is actively participating in the case, such as when they are giving a deposition or offering testimony at trial. 

Sight Translation

Unlike simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, sight translation is only used for written documents, rather than live proceedings. Sight translation is best used to convey the meaning of important documents or transcripts of testimony.


Let us help you translate documents from one language to another with precision and quality. Our translators have years of experience in different industries. Our translators are Professional Linguists “Certified” by the ATA – American Translator’s Association – in specific Language Directions and have extensive experience in a wide array of areas and specializations. You will have a Project Manager assigned to manage all aspects of your project; beginning to end. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, your Project Manager will layout a series of milestones, highlighting all progress as well as control measures to ensure that we meet your needs and deadline.

Remote Interpretation

Because of the pandemic, the way of doing business has changed. Remote services have become a new normal for the way many businesses operate. This also provides the flexibility of the interpreter’s location and quicker response times for last minute requests. 

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