Meet the Team

Diana Ecker


For the past 15 years Ms. Ecker has worked as an interpreter and translator in various fields such as, Education, Finance, Legal, Medical, and Technology. Throughout her career, she’s held multiple certifications allowing her to work in the court system and medical field. Her career began with an internship within the communications department at the O.A.S. (Organization of American States).

Ms. Ecker’s work experience includes:

  • Alireza Mobil Oil – Lead Interpreter and Director of PR
  • Nova Mobile Systems – Lead Latin American Interpreter/Translator
  • Interpreter for various Delaware and Pennsylvania School Districts
  • Interpreter for depositions throughout the U.S. for multiple firms
  • Interpreter for immigration courts throughout the U.S.


Ms. Ecker is a second-generation immigrant with Panamanian and Colombian heritage. Having grown up in a diplomatic family, she was surrounded by different backgrounds and languages. The world of Interpretation and translation has always been a huge part of her life.

Sara Zucca

Language Coordinator

Sara Zucca was born in Antofagasta, Chile, one of the biggest Copper and Gold Mining Regions in the world. She has always been curious and fascinated about the English language and was determined to learn it. Living in a mining town gave her the opportunity to engage with people from all continents and on many occasions, she would help with their relocation and other government issues foreigners have to deal with when moving to a different country. At the age of 21 years, she visited the United States and had the opportunity to travel around the country and learn about American Culture. Sara is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Back in Chile she decided to study English – Spanish Translation at “Universidad Arturo Prat” and soon after graduating she started working for Global Heat Transfer, a Canadian based company with presence in Australia, China, Chile, and the United States. This job gave her the opportunity to travel for work and gain experience in the Mining Service supply business. In 2013 she started working for Z-Power Solutions, a company that has been consulting in the Oracle Hyperion Suite for 15 years in modeling mIning Operations for Budgeting, Forecasting and Business performance management. She moved to Southern California and did volunteer work helping friends and immigrants with the complexities of living in a new country by helping with their appointments and government issues. She is delighted to become a member of the S4 Languages Team where she will have the opportunity to work with Translators and Interpreters from different nationalities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, cooking, and spending time with family and friends enjoying the California Sun.

Milu Pujol-Ellis

Language Coordinator

Milu Pujol-Ellis’ work experience has encompassed different fields, such as Logistics, Brokerage (U.S. Customs), Accounting, and the Medical field. Her interests in the different professions have always been guided by her insatiable desire to learn and experience new things. She is a firm believer in the continual pursuit of knowledge both professionally and personally.

Milu was born in Miami, FL, to immigrant parents. From an early age, she was introduced to the world of languages and has been in love with them ever since. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Besides the United States, she has also had the opportunity to live in South America, which has been a rich social-cultural learning encounter as well as a profound personal development experience.

Coming from an immigrant family, she has witnessed firsthand the misunderstandings that often lead to frustrations and struggles due to a language divide. Therefore, she is extremely passionate about helping bridge communication gaps whenever possible. Being a part of the S4 Languages team helps fulfill that desire by assisting in coordinating services that not only allow people to overcome language barriers in a legal setting but also meets people’s right to access information.

Milu is fervent about discovering new places, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures. Her dream is to travel to all 7 continents and as many countries as possible. In her free time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, travel whenever possible, learn new languages, improve her photography skills, hike, dance, do 5k races, and as of lately participate in Tough Mudder races.

“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence” – George Steiner